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  • How much are glasses at Christopher Young Opticians?

  • What if I don’t like trying on frames on the shopfloor in front of other customers?

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How much are glasses at Christopher Young Opticians?

The real answer depends on what your prescription is and what type of lenses and frames you require. However, that isn’t very helpful, so I will give you a few guidelines in terms of cost.

The good news is that we have plenty of options and we help clients every week who have previously been to Boots, Vision Express and even Specsavers. They may (but not always) end up spending a little bit more to get something that they really like and that ticks all their boxes….

Our frame prices start at £79.50 for our Essentials line, and about £150 for our Niche ranges. Our most expensive frames are currently about £400. The most common price point across the whole range is about £150, although we have plenty of choice above that price! But if you budget for £150 for the frame it will be a good starting point and we can show you plenty of options.

The lenses we work with are also the highest quality available so that our clients benefit from the best possible vision. However our Eyewear advisers will consult with you and find out exactly what you need in terms of your visual requirements, what you use your eyes for everyday and give you several options based on your prescription and requirements. Lens technology keeps advancing and improving and it is just a case of deciding what is best for you in terms of quality and grade of lens versus how much you want to spend on your eyewear.

If you wear distance or near vision lenses our premium lenses start at £149 a pair and go up to £349. There are basic single vision lenses available from £76.

If you wear Any Distance (varifocal) lenses you can expect to spend £439 to £699 for our premium bespoke varilux lenses, depending on your prescription requirements. Our basic 'reflection free' varifocals start from £189.

Another bit of information that might be helpful for your search for new glasses is the average amount a new client spends when they come to Christopher Young Opticians for the first time.

The average amount a new client with single vision glasses spent at Christopher Young Opticians between August 2018 and January 2019 was £343 total. The minimum amount spent was £128, and the maximum was £904.

And for the clients that need varifocals the average they spent was £495 total. The minimum spend was £261, and the maximum was £986.

So I hope that is helpful. If you’re still not sure and need to consider it I’d encourage you to come in for a free styling consultation. Get a feel for exactly what options you have with no obligation. Even if you decide Christopher Young Opticians are not for you, you will get good practical advice that will help you wherever you finally choose to get your glasses from.

What if I don’t like trying on frames on the shopfloor in front of other customers?

A lot of people find it embarrassing to try on frames and discuss price options in front of other people, which can happen when the practice is busy. We are very happy to sit quietly with you in our Eyewear Styling Consultation room with a cup of freshly ground organic coffee, tea or hot chocolate and bring the eyewear to you. In fact we prefer it that way.

Sales Pressure

Entering a new environment for the first time can be very intimidating, especially if you think you are going to be sold to.

I do not employ salespeople, I employ Eyewear Advisors. They are there to offer advice and answer your questions. You are never under any pressure or obligation to buy anything so you are welcome to pop in any time for a chat, although if you want specific advice about new eyewear then we suggest you make an appointment.


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