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Eyewear and Lenses

Helping You to Choose the Eyewear that Suits You 

Many of our clients find that choosing their new eyewear is the most stressful part of their optical experience. One of the problems is that without your own spectacles on, you can't see what the new ones are going to look like!

Here at Christopher Young Opticians we will make this a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Our small team of Eyewear Advisors are all well trained and extremely experienced, and will steer you in the right direction, whilst gently suggesting when a particular design is not flattering! To make it even easier one of our optometrists will be happy to insert temporarily a pair of contact lenses so that you can see yourself more easily in the mirror.

The Eyewear Advisor will also discuss and recommend the most suitable elite lenses. By the end of the consultation you will have a comprehensive tailormade package of eyewear options and products, enabling you to select an amazing pair of glasses at a price that suits you. If, even after all that, you are not happy, we offer a 60 day 'Love Your Eyewear' Guarantee. So you can be confident that you will not have to wear a pair of glasses you don't like for the next two years.

We believe that people deserve to look good, and feel good in glasses!

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We are really excited to bring you a new and exciting range of eyewear - Johann-Von-Goisern. Beautiful colours and styles. To quote from their from their website:

'"Johann" refers to the first name of Johann Pomberger, the founder of the company. The second part of the brand name refers to the company location "[Bad] Goisern", which is also the birthplace of company founder Johann. The name "Johann von Goisern". Although the years have brought many innovations and changes, one thing has remained the same for us: "Johann von Goisern" still stands for the highest quality and unique design, made in Bad Goisern.'

Handmade in Austria


David Green Eyewear

David Green has a passion for the environment, which stems from a critical awareness to protect the fragile balance that exists within nature. Each pair of handcrafted David Green eyewear contains a unique fingerprint created by the incorporation of a fallen leaf or reed within the natural cotton based acetate adding additional style to the design and exacting finishes. David Green eyewear delivers a true statement of craftsmanship and style while communicating an educated message of support for the preservation of the world we inhabit. All designs are from Cape Town.

Click here to view the: David Green's Eyewear Concept - the story behind the Eyewear



This is a new range to us. We chose it because it is funky and vibrant - aimed at the young and young at heart. Prices start at £84.





The Inface concept is all about creating beautiful authentic frame design and bringing it to the consumers, in a very convenient price level. Even though every frame in the collection isinface unique and even though every little detail is taken care of, our price policy stays the same "value for money!"

The Inface company owners are all trained opticians and the experience from working as  opticians should benefit the consumers "not only do we design the frames, we also know our customers!"

Inface Company wants to embrace and fit fashion frames to many types of faces “from kids to adults“ therefore the collection contains a great variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials.


"We love frames and we love our profession"

Design by opticians:

Inface company´s design team is a perfect mix of industrial designers, color specialists and opticians. We use external designers from many different countries to secure that the infacedesign does not get one dimensional. By letting in impulses from different cultures and design traditions we make sure that our own Danish design is not getting introvert or boring. We have obliged ourselves to use our many years of experience working as opticians to ensure that each frame in the Inface collection not only looks great but actually also fits the human face. We call it the "fit at once" effect.

No shortcuts allowed!

Each frame in the Inface collection has been designed from scratch. It means we don't doinface things the easy way. Therefore you can be sure that every frame in the collection is unique. On top of that each frame has gone through many processes before the actual production starts. We spend a lot of time finding the perfect fitting and purifying the colors and the shapes. No shortcuts are allowed !

Click Here to view their website



Elle logo


William Morris

William Morris logo



Seventeen years ago, Robert William Morris created William Morris London "an independent company with a very 'British' brand". The aim? To offer designer glasses to every audience, providing superb original designs which continually evolve.


Click Here to view the website



 Click Here to view the collections on their website