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Optometry Consultation Fees

Our fees reflect the time, care and attention that we offer to every client, and we feel they represent excellent value for money: Following your examination you will have a full understanding of any eye problems you may have, together with a treatment plan if appropriate. We encourage you to ask questions to clarify any particular concerns.

Premier Eye Examination.

This examination includes a sight test and uses a scanner (Optical Coherence Tomographer) to create a 3 dimensional view of the back of your eyes, including a cross section of your retina, to detect early signs of macular degeneration, glaucoma and other central retinal defects.         

Please allow up to 2 hours for this appointment. If we need to put drops in your eyes to obtain a clear image with the OCT, your vision may be too blurred to drive for up to 2 hours afterwards.
Private £69.50  NHS £35.00

Standard Sight Test.

This examination is our standard sight test. Please allow up to 1 hour for this appointment. 

Private £49.50  NHS Government Funded

NHS Sight Test

The basic sight test for those eligible on income or age grounds   

NHS Government Funded

Corporate Eyecare

We welcome Eyecare Vouchers as a contribution towards the cost of the private sight test fees.

ACES Emergency Eyecare Appointments

Acute Community Eyecare Service for Somerset. Please review eligibility criteria on the Somerset NHS website HERE. You must allow up to 90 minutes for this appointment. Your vision may be too blurred for you to drive for up for up 2 hours afterwards.
Private/NHS    Government Funded

Emergency Appointments

For those not eligible under the ACES scheme
Private/NHS   £60.00

iPlan Fees (per month)

Spectacle scheme from:

    Routine sight test every two years (iPlan24) £6.99
    Routine sight test every one year (iPlan12)  £10.50   

Contact Lens scheme from:
    Private   £12.00    )

(Click HERE for full benefits

Contact Lenses (if not on iPlan)

Contact lens trial
Private    No Charge

Registration Fee - payable following successful fitting.
Private    £62.00
Annual Examination Fee - includes comprehensive eye examination - allow 1 hour
Private   £107.00    

Emergency/Extra Appointment - allow 30 mins
Private    £62.00

Repeat Visual Field Checks

If we detect a visual field defect during a routine visual field examination this may require further investigation by an eye specialist. However to rule out errant readings it is normally advisable to repeat the examination before referring you and this can often save you a wasted journey. We do have to make a small charge for the extra time involved but if you do not wish to pay then we simply refer you with our first set of results.

Repeat Visual Field Check - allow 30 minutes
Private/NHS    £25.00

Vision Therapy

Full Functional Assessment - includes coloured overlay assessment - allow up to 2 hours
Private/NHS   £399.00

Individual Therapy Sessions - allow up to 1 hour
Private/NHS    £60.00

The number of Therapy sessions required depends on the nature of the problem and the diligence with which the exercises are performed, but does not normally exceed 10, with 6 sessions being the norm.

There will be extra fees for equipment required for the therapy exercises. These will be discussed at the time but unless we decide on the computer software approach they will not exceed £70.00.

Colorimetry Assessment for Visual Stress

Colorimetry is normally only performed following a Full Functional Assessment, and if specific tinted lenses are required it is repeated every 12 months. Allow up to 1 hour.
Private/NHS    £50.00         

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