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Welcome to our blog section where we aim to keep you up to date with all the latest in eye care, health and interesting facts.

If you have a specific topic you would like us to cover, please get in touch.

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10 Jun 2016

Chris Young: I am just putting together our next newsletter and I would be grateful if I could do a little market research on here please. If you had the opportunity to ask m ...

10 Jun 2016

Chris Young 8 June at 15:19 I am just putting together our next newsletter and I would be grateful if I could do a little market research on here please. If you had t ...

11 May 2016

In October this year, I will be celebrating my 30th anniversary working in Shepton Mallet and whilst thinking about how I would celebrate this momentous occasion I began refle ...

11 May 2016

One of the chores of running a business is that you have to constantly stay ahead of the game. So as well as having to attend trade fairs to view the latest styles, fashions, ...

22 Feb 2016

This Chrome App may be useful for anybody with a colour vision defect. ColorLinks ...

17 Feb 2016

Increasing the spacing between characters and words in a text improves the speed and quality of dyslexic children's reading, without prior training. They read 20% faster on av ...

21 Sep 2014

The Young Clinic team do The Ice Bucket Challenge Yes, I know everyone has done it, but we finally gave in. Here we are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge in the middle of Shep ...

01 Mar 2014

We have become progressively busier and have now reached a stage where we need some more help. We have been joined by two new team members who will share their time between ...

07 Feb 2014

Anybody over 40 years old and has had their eyes testedspeaks with horror of the dreaded air puff test. Even patients who have never had it speak about it. The test itself ...

18 Jan 2014

Google reveals the smart contact lens that can constantly monitor the tears of diabetes sufferers to check their glucose levels. This is mind boggling and will revolutionis ...

07 Aug 2013

Whilst trying to think of my first blog subject I thought it may be of interest to some people (not many probably) to know a little of my background and how Icame to be doing ...

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