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Welcome to our blog section where we aim to keep you up to date with all the latest in eye care, health and interesting facts.

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01 Feb 2019

About 40 years ago the first desktop computers were starting to emerge. I remember we had one at school. They were seen as the new dawn. We were promised they would do all the ...

20 Nov 2018

In the last month or so, I have had two loyal clients contact me giving me feedback on things they have heard about the practice on the grapevine. Not only am I humbled by the ...

08 Oct 2018

Driving around the UK this weekend I was reminded of an article that appeared on the BBC website recently: “Drivers who fail to read a number plate from 20m (65ft) away w ...

09 Jul 2018

A massive thank you to everyone who had an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan in February this year. To draw people’s attention to how amazing this technology is at he ...

09 May 2018

This month we are showcasing the latest designs from South African eyewear designer David Green. David Green Eyewear is designed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Afr ...

11 Mar 2018

My sons Tristan and Edouard had a birthday last week. They turned 20 – where has that time gone? Tristan is trying to get a bit fitter and asked for a punchbag. We didn’t ...

12 Jan 2018

Today is the first day that I haven’t had to wear some form of visual correction to give me clear distance vision since I was 7 years old. 48 years of reliance on glasses an ...

23 Dec 2017

I have always been keen to be able to offer the most modern technology available to our clients. In the summer I invested in a Phoro pter for the large consulting room to r ...

14 Sep 2017

Following Lewes’ departure at the end of March to pastures new, life has been a bit hectic, to say the least. We have had three record months and I have been trying to catch ...

19 Jul 2017

Information issued by the Association of Optical Practitioners: Most parents worry how much time their child is spending on digital devices. Here are the facts about screen ...

23 Feb 2017

Cléophée our daughter is currently in Year 12 at Strode College, and her tutors recently asked her to think about what sort of career she would like to follow. This got m ...

19 Jan 2017

Most of us are aware that driving at night is more challenging than driving in the daytime. We make natural compensations for this as we drive but it is a fact that more road ...

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Since the beginning of December 2018 we have asked our clients for anonymous feedback on their exper ...

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Birthday Offer

This year marks our 33rd birthday at C Young Opticians and we like to celebrate! This time 33 ye ...

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