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The Eyewear Selection Process

09 Nov 2016 << back to list

I would like to give you an insight into why we do some things the way that we do. In this issue I am going to concentrate on the ’eyewear selection’ process. 

The Eyewear Selection Process
Glasses are a always a compromise. If you have a focusing error, and you want to see clearly, you have three choices, surgery, contact lenses or spec-tacles, and for many people the last option is the most practical or preferred route.

However no spectacle lens can replicate the optical efficiency of the young eye—it is so well designed. Spectacle lenses magnify or ‘minify’ images, cause distortions, and change the rela-tionship that we have with the world around us. Due to the physics of light, we have to adapt to these changes in our perception, and although modern lens design and manufacturing techniques make adaptation easier, it is essential that we fully understand how our clients use their eyes so that we can recommend appropriate products that allow you to have maximum visual comfort.

The process starts in the consulting room. Lewes and I will not only be determining the quality of your vision and health of your eyes, but also finding out in more detail what you use your eyes for.

The Eyewear Consultation
A member of the Eyewear team now takes over. Based on what you have discussed with Lewes or me we will pass on our recommendations to the Eyewear Advisor—Mary, Juliet, Chloe or Tracy. They will then sit down and grill you to make sure they fully understand what you need, and that our recommendation is appropriate.

They need to know at what distance you hold things when you are reading, and at what angle. Somebody who sits in a chair to read will need a different vision solution from somebody who lies in bed and reads. Do you lie on your back or on your side? The distances and angles change depending on this and can require a different pre-scription or lens type.

Do you find sunlight dazzling? Will you benefit from a transitions tint that gets darker in the sun-light, or a polarised tint that reduces sunlight glare, particularly off horizontal surfaces such as wet roads?

Now that the advisor has an accurate idea of what specific tasks you use your eyes for, they will help you choose appropriate eyewear.

The first thing that people look at when they see you is your eyes, so it is important that your glasses reflect your personality in the same way that your clothes or shoes do.

In the same way that you may have several different outfits for different occasions, many of our clients have different designs of eyewear, and is one of the reasons why we now stock our popular Eyewear Wardrobe, and also why we give generous discounts on multiple pair purchases.

Having chosen a selection of frames, the advisor can now recommend appropriate lens designs and discuss the various options. There may be several possibilities and it is important to remember that this is a ‘menu’ from which you can choose all, some or even none of what is suggested. There is no obligation to proceed, and you are welcome to bring in a friend or take some frames home with you to seek a second opinion if you are not sure which style to choose. 

Finally, decision made, our advisor will give you a printed quote, ask for a deposit, and either book an appointment for you to have the completed eyewear fitted, or inform you of how long they will take to be manufactured.

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