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Chris Young: I am just putting together our next newsletter and I would be grateful if I could do a little market research on here please.
If you had the opportunity to ask me, the only optician in town, any question about the business, our products or services, what would it be?
This is not to start a discussion on here, but to help me compose an article. Of course, if you actually want an answer you can always message me, or sign up to the newsletter from our website.
I have a fair idea, but I would hate to prejudge.
if inappropriate, just delete this message.
Many thanks for your time


Alan Ecroyd I read last week that a new way of forming lenses has been discovered which will make lens far cheaper to produce. What is this new technology and when will it see the light of day? I ask the second part because so often you read about a new drug or treatment then at the end of the article it usually says will be available in 10 years time!

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Chris Young: Hi Alan, I believe the article you are referring to is this one

Flat lens promises possible revolution in optics - BBC News


Chris Young: They are using nanotechnology associated with Titanium Oxide to essentially create thousands of tiny lenses in one bigger lens. It is extremely exciting, especially for people who need stronger lenses as they can be made much thinner and will get better vision as well as the light is focused more accurately. In the article they say that mass production will drive the cost down, but with regard to glasses they will have to be made to order to match the prescription, so maybe not quite so cheap. This is one of several exciting advances. An Israeli company have designed a lens that changes its focus automatically depending on where and what you are looking at, which will be a life-changer for people currently using bifocal or Any Distance (varifocal) lenses. I suspect both will take 3 to 5 years to get to market though.

Jenny Payne: I use youngs with my kids. The bloke in there is amazing and I found the examination much more in depth then specsavers

Amanda Stone-Outten I got quoted £7,500 for lens replacement surgery for my astigmatism, which could not be corrected with usual laser surgery. This is unaffordable so I will continue to wear my glasses. What do opticians think about laser surgery and lens replacement surgery?

Rosalyn Lavington same problem here! thats a lot of money! would be interested in a reply if you have time...

Chris Young Both laser surgery and lens replacement are valid methods of visual correction, and both have their place. Laser surgery is best for people aged between 20 and 40 ish because after that you will start to need reading glasses anyway. Lens replacement surgery is great for those with very high prescriptions and I have referred several clients to CircleBath for this procedure. Not good for my business but they are generally very happy afterwards! I have organised a talk on cataracts by Roger Baer, ophthalmologist at CircleBath next Wednesday evening at the Shrubbery. We have two spaces left if you want to come along and ask his advice. But it is ticket only, so you must call the practice to go on the list 01749 345259

Melissa Marshall I used to use boots which gave me the wrong prescription for my eyes which was the cause to my headaches for about a year, then got bored of having to travel to frome so decided to go to the opticians in Shepton, and they prescribed me with correct glasses for free but it was only recently when I wanted contact lenses that they actually spotted I had something wrong with my tear ducts and that was the cause of why I needed glasses????????I didn't need to pay for any appointments or my glasses, I only needed to spend £20 on an eye bag which would help with my problem

Leza Jack W That's brilliant!

Sharon Hunt I recently moved and went to Youngs. Very thorough and trustworthy. He said my prescription has changed but is so minor it is not worth me spending out on new ones but to come back if I notice a change. How many other places would have sold me new lens and probably glasses? Very likeable and knowledgeable man.

Leza Jack W  I can't fault Youngs, I recently admitted age related defeat and got an overdue check up, and some lovely new glasses. The glasses I had got from specsavers a few years ago, which had been paid for with a voucher, had been wrong, so I hadn't used them when I should have. One visit to Youngs and my vision is corrected. No contest for me, the thoroughness of Youngs is second to none, and your eyesight is way too important to take chances with for the sake of saving a few quid.

Smidge N Barb Chamberlain Do you do coloured lenses ?

Chris Young Contact lenses or spectacle lenses? We do both.

Smidge N Barb Chamberlain Marvellous ! I have just read your comment about lens replacement ,I did not even know this was possible ,is this for people with scratched front bits ,forgot the name ,sorry .

Smidge N Barb Chamberlain I think I best make an appointment .

Smidge N Barb Chamberlain I have a thousand questions .

Chris Young Yes Smidge, you may better popping in and having a chat with one of the team. Tracy, Mary, Juliet or Chloe will all be able to help you.

Smidge N Barb Chamberlain I contracted I think it's called blepharitis when in a period of bad health and had a suspected ulcer ,really really hurt ,the hospital was really good but I have a permanent frown from constantly trying to see ... I am not really odd I am just constantly spending money to only see out of one eye ,at least they take the eye in turns mustn't complain :)

Chris Young It sounds like you will benefit from a sight test to determine what the problem is. Either Lewes or I can help there but you would have to make an appointment by phoning 01749 345259, or you can book online via our website.

Smidge N Barb Chamberlain Thank you very much .big smile .

Lynn Wenn Can anyone have coloured lenses ?

Chris Young If you are talking about contact lenses the prescription range is limited, so no, not if you have a slightly more complicated prescription. They also have to fit properly, which is what we are here for.

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