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In or Out?

12 Jun 2016 << back to list

‘Are you in, or are you out?’

It was bedtime and I was addressing Buffy our 14 year old black and white cat who was cautiously eyeing the wide open front door I was holding for her.

Her ultimate destination at night is the utility room, where she has fresh food waiting in a bowl, and a secure bed well up off the floor. Kitty Nirvana.

But there are two possible routes. Either:

She leaves the house via the front door and walks around the outside of the house to get to the cat flap in the Utility Room. But then she has to negotiate with other cats in the area to get safe passage, maybe fighting off a few and standing up for herself. She may have a few fights, but she may catch a few treats – the odd mouse etc. Life outside is more exciting – the unknown.


She takes the short cut through the kitchen. Although this is an easier route, with far fewer potential obstacles she still has to control the boisterous dogs who inhabit the kitchen. She has them well trained, but they can catch her by surprise. This route is safer, boring even, with little room for excitement or the opportunity to hone her hunting skills.

It took her a long time to decide, but eventually she chose out. Ultimately, with her character, she will make the best of either situation, and be happy with the result. Whatever the ultimate destination, she will make it her own, because that is what cats do.



That is why she is proud to be a cat.





Buffy the In / Out cat considers her Exit Strategy






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