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My sons Tristan and Edouard had a birthday last week. They turned 20 – where has that time gone? Tristan is trying to get a bit fitter and asked for a punchbag. We didn’t have a clue where to buy one locally so Rosenn did some research and eventually decided on a product from a company on Amazon. As his room is not very big, we went for a wall mounted rather than a free-standing version. We performed the ‘tap’ test and the wall between his room and ours appeared to be solid – not stud partition, so there should be no problems putting it up.

The punchbag duly arrived and was presented to Tristan. He was very happy, so I offered to mount it on his wall.

Now I would classify myself as an experienced DIYer. OK, over the years I have drilled through electrical cables and lived to tell the tale. I have sliced through live water pipes with a jigsaw whilst cutting a hole in a chipboard floor to move a radiator, emptying a hot water tank into the kitchen below.


On consecutive days.

At midnight.

But since then I have grown a bit more cautious and gener-ally know my limits.

So, drilling three holes in a wall to erect a 25Kg punchbag shouldn’t be a problem, right?

In my defence, and I will get this in early, the screws and rawlplugs provided by the punchbag were woefully inade-quate, but if that’s what they provided…...

The bracket went in to position OK, and we lifted the punchbag onto the supporting hooks. It hung beautifully. We tried a few tentative punches and it was absolutely fine. Job done.

Later that afternoon some of Tristan’s friends came around to see him. They went to his room to admire his present and the next thing I heard was an almighty clatter and screams of laughter. Chas, one of the boys had taken a big swing at the bag. It had detached from the wall and flattened Ashley who was standing the other side of it.

Careful inspection revealed that the screws and rawlplugs had pulled clean out of the wall. Chas has now been nick-named ‘Captain America’.

The first fixing having failed I had a dig around in the garage and came up with some M8, 100mm Through bolts. For those not familiar with these, and I should probably include myself in this category, I believe that Through bolts are designed for solidly attaching heavy items to concrete. These I thought, would be just the job for what I wanted to do. I just needed to increase the depth of the holes, which I did with my trusty hammer drill.

I tapped the bolts in to position. One needed a bit more coaxing than the other two, but eventually it complied, and I mounted the bracket and punchbag. Solid. It didn’t budge, even with a really good thump.

Job done.

As I walked into our bedroom later that evening I noted some underfoot crunching. Closer inspection revealed pieces of brick and plaster all over the floor. I looked up at the ceiling, but I couldn’t see a source of the rubble. It was only when I turned around that I spied a gaping hole in the wall that had not been there that morning.

It appears that I had drilled right through the wall between Tristan’s bedroom and our bedroom!

No problem, I hear you cry, you just have to fill it and paint over it. The trouble is, we cannot remember which colour
the paint is, so I will have to redecorate the whole room. An apparently small simple job has turned in to a much bigger and more expensive one.

Many people, like me, are quite capable of a bit of DIY, but if you need something done properly, leave it to the professionals.
The same applies to eyewear. We take the time to understand our clients’ lifestyles to recommend the best lens solutions for them. We advise them on appropriate styles, helping them to express their personality through their eyewear. We stand by our advice – backing it up with our 60 day ‘Love your Eyewear’ guarantee. 

In the long run, we are your cheapest, and best option.

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